“The quality of instruction is essential since it gives more confidence, control, capability and ultimately allows the diver to have more FUN. It is important to build a solid foundation that will allow to progress. Just like a good house with solid foundations allows to build a second floor in the future, solid foundational skills will allow the diver to evolve and explore realms that one never thought to reach at the start of a diving career.”


Eu_CircNuno Padrão GUE Instructor

  • High Quality Instruction
  • Advise and support after training
  • State of the art dive gear
  • Support to achieve your goals
  • Attractive Training locations
  • Secure
  • Team Oriented
  • Demanding yet Rewarding Instruction
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“I did the Fundamentals course with Nuno when I was already a DiveMaster. I knew it was a good program, but I had no idea what was waiting me. The training was demanding though also very satisfying. Nuno was always there for us, explaining everything calmly and repeating things as many times as necessary. It was no doubt the best dive course I took. And I recommend it to everyone, even professionals.”

Gonçalo Abrantes


(currently active projects)

U35 Project

Project Baseline Sagres

Patacho Pedro Dias

Survey Sagre’s Sea Caves

Most GUE projects are open to all divers, if your diving skills do not allow you to assist in water, there are many other ways to be involved. Feel the desire to help in conservation initiatives and help our efforts to protect the underwater realm? Get in touch now.